Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sleeplessly Making Virtual Fabric Whorls

I should be sleeping but I am not. I am making fabric whorls. I spent all night between RMD and paint.net. I even made visit to Second life to get some templates for this jacket to do it. I am trying to not think about mistakes and other grumbling miserable stuff right now. I create this blog to share what I am creating with those who might interested, minus the grumbling.
This is part of the jacket. I finally I was able to get back in Second Life this is the Jacket. In spite of feeling very much like gray grumpy cloud elf I enjoyed this.

This all colors I came up with in my experimenting in paint.net.
This the red whorl drawing from RMD. Music Videos I found interesting Voyeur-"War of the Whorls" Smart Wave - Between whorls(original mix)